Publishing ethics

Duties of Editors
- Editors have a responsibility to ensure a high standard of objective, unbiased, and timely peer review.
- Peer reviewers who repeatedly produce poor quality, tardy, abusive or unconstructive reviews could be banned by the Editor.
- Information pertaining manuscripts are kept confidential
- Editors should encourage peer reviewers to identify if they have a conflict of interest with the material they are being asked to review, and editors should ask that peer reviewers decline invitations requesting peer review where any circumstances might prevent them producing fair peer review.
- Editors may choose to use peer reviewers suggested by authors.

Duties of Reviewers
- Contribution to Editorial Decision
- Promptness/fairness in evaluating manuscript
- Confidentiality of reviewed manuscript

Duties of Authors
- Authors have a right to appeal editorial decisions.
- Avoid Plagiarism
- Avoid redundant or Concurrent Publication of research article(s)
- Acknowledgement of Sources
- Authorship of the Paper
- Fundamental errors found in published works


  • Call for Reviewers/Editors

    Seitejournals is inviting academic scholars interested in serving on our volunteer editorial board as a reviewer or editor. Applicants must have a doctorate or an equivalent degree, and must have published atleast five articles with a reputable publisher.

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  • Call for Papers

    Seitejournals welcomes submission of academic articles from research scholars all over the world. Authors are invited to send their full article using the following form or via e-mail. Manuscripts must be written in clear and concise English and be in accordance with our instruction for authors.

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