Author's instruction

The following file formats are acceptable for the main manuscript document for all of Seitejournals:

Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX)
PDF format

Original article should be submitted through our online submission option or via email typed in one side of Letter bond paper with double spaced having 1 cm margins from all the sides. The manuscript should be arranged in the following order:


Title Page:

This should contain the title of the paper, author(s)’s family name preceded by initials/given names, and affiliation. Corresponding author’s details (Name, Affiliation and E-mail address) regarding manuscripts should be sent.



Normally ≤ 250 words, this should consist of a series of brief statements of aim of study, materials and method(s) used in the research, the main findings and the conclusion reached with at least six key words.




Materials and Methods



References are numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text. All references should be cited. References should be listed in numerical order in the Reference section. Journal titles should be abbreviated using the CSE Reference Style format.
Some Examples:

Journal Article (Print)

Meise CJ, Johnson DL, Stehlik LL, Manderson J, Shaheen P. 2003. Growth rates of juvenile Winter Flounder under varying environmental conditions. Trans Am Fish Soc 132(2):225-345.

(Miese et al. 2003)


Journal Article (Electronic, from Journal Publisher's Website)

Leng F, Amado L, McMacken R. 2004. Coupling DNA supercoiling to transcription in defined protein systems. J Biol Chem [Internet]. [cited 2007 July 24]; 279(46):47564-47571. Available from:

(Leng et al. 2004)


Journal Article (Electronic, from Online-Only Journal)

Hong P, Wong W. 2005. GeneNotes: a novel information management software for biologists. BMC Bioinformatics [Internet]. [cited 2007 Jul 24]; 6:20. Available from:

(Hong and Wong 2005)


Figures and Tables:

Each figure and table should be submitted in a separate file. Data should be presented in SI units except BP, which should be expressed in mmHg.


All pages should be numbered.


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    Seitejournals is inviting academic scholars interested in serving on our volunteer editorial board as a reviewer or editor. Applicants must have a doctorate or an equivalent degree, and must have published atleast five articles with a reputable publisher.

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    Seitejournals welcomes submission of academic articles from research scholars all over the world. Authors are invited to send their full article using the following form or via e-mail. Manuscripts must be written in clear and concise English and be in accordance with our instruction for authors.

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